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MacKenzie, Iain, University of Kent
Mader, Mary Beth, University of Memphis
Mader, Mary Beth
Maloney, Philip (Max) J., Christian Brothers University
Mannon, Ethan, Mars Hill University (United States)
Manns, James W.
Marder, Elissa, Emory University (United States)
Margaroni, Maria, University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
Marsh, James L.
Marshall, Sarah Kathryn, The University of Memphis (United States)
Martinon, Jean-Paul, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Massé, Sylvain, Ministère de la Justice et des Affaires intergouvernementales du Québec
Mayer, Seth, Manchester University (United States)
Mazis, Glen A
Mazzoula, Michael L.
McAfee, Noëlle, Emory University (United States)
McBride, Bill
McBride, Keally, University of San Francisco (United States)
McBride, William
McBride, William L.
McLennan, Matthew R., University of Ottawa / Carleton University (Canada)
McLennan, Matthew R., University of Ottawa/Carleton University
McLennan, Matthew R., Saint Paul University (Canada)
McLennan, Matthew R, Universty of Ottawa / Carleton University (Canada)
McWhorter, Ladelle
Mei, Todd S.
Meitinger, Serge
Memmi, Albert
Mésavage, Ruth M., Rollins College
Michael, Colette
Michaud, Thomas
Michaud, Thomas A.
Michel, Johann
Mieszkowski, Jan, Reed College
Miller, Elaine P., Miami University (United States)
Miller, Elaine, Miami University Department of Philosophy (United States)
Miller, Elaine P., Miami University
Mills, Charles, Northwestern University (United States)
Mirvish, Adrian
Molnar, Thomas, Université de Budapest
Molnar, Thomas
Moran, Dermot, University College Dublin
Morgan, Marcia, Muhlenberg College Department of Philosophy (United States)
Morot-Sir, Edouard
Mudimbe, V.Y
Mui, Constance
Mulala, Béatrice

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